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Our mission is to offer the best services to the client so every day we strive to get surprised by new techniques and merging different massage techniques.
Do not! In Tantra it is about learning to receive. Especially men have to learn to RELAX and RECEIVE. Massage is not an invitation to sex or other love games.
The masseuse runs with his hands throughout the client's body, including the genital area. This process of stimulating / reducing arousal will help you not have the urge to ejaculate. Although many like to finish the massage having one. This is fully accepted, ejaculation provides a considerable spark of pleasure. Many clients enjoy this massage without ejaculating. They use this to enhance their own sexual life and that of their partner. This process will increase your sensitivity to your own body, which will make you more aware and sensitive to your partner's body.
Yes, All the photos of the web, have been taken recently in the facilities of the Kinnari Massage Center and its masseurs.
The masseurs will not always be all and available at the same time in the center. You can choose from among the masseurs available at any given time, but if you want to be attended by any one, it will be enough to request your appointment at least one day in advance. We will be happy to assist you as you wish.
No. The attention to each client is always individual, appointments are made keeping in mind that no client can cross, being the degree of confidentiality, absolute. We also have individual attention rooms, in case you need to wait some time while you finish another massage (cases of clients who are ahead or late at the time of your appointment). We take our clients' confidentiality very seriously.

In order not to interrupt the sessions of Relaxation Massages, please keep Silence and / or speak very low
Se ruega antes de empezar con la sesión del massage érotique barcelone apagar o silenciar sus teléfonos móviles.
It has a shower before and after the massage, the time you use will not be taken into account.

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